Saturday, September 26, 2009

Accidental Visit With a Medium

While attending my brother, Johnny’s wedding, I had an incredible experience with a medium, who also happened to be the maid of honor.

While at dinner, the night before the ceremony, she suddenly said, “Tom. I am hearing a call for Tom.”
She wouldn't quit asking for a connection for Tom.

No one knew what she was talking about, but then she pointed at me and said,

“Does anyone here know a mortician?”

I said, "No." (Thinking, "Like I'd hang out with a mortician")
Then YES! I DO!
I told her that suddenly realized I did know a mortician, and incredibly his name is Tom.

She said his brother, someone with a “J,” was here jumping up and down because we had figured it out.

She then said that he had gone to the other side so quickly that it took him a while to figure out that he had gone over.

I had dated and been friends with him, both before, and after we dated.
I visited with him every time I returned to my home town.

His name was Jerry.

He had ridden his bicycle to a Super Bowl party, and on his way home he pulled his front brake at the bottom of a hill, and had gone over his handle bars and landed on his bare head.
She then mentioned two names that unfortunately I don’t remember. They were boy’s names. (He left 4 children)
She said that he had a beautiful soul, a beautiful aura. (He was always a social butterfly!)
She said that he was happy and well on the other side and that he wanted me to tell his brother. He said to tell him that he loves him.

I sent his Brother an email.
He said he didn't believe in that sort of thing.


  1. Oh wow!
    I'm so incredibly envious of you-That had to be such an amazing experience!
    I totally agree with Vodka Mom: COMPLETELY his loss. That's unfortunate he couldn't open his mind to hear his brother's outreach.

  2. Love this blog!!!! I think the funniest statement I ever heard from anyone about ghosts was "I don't believe in ghosts - they scare me" Now that's quite a statement. I must run around and read more of your blog.

    We have a friendly spirit in our "new to us" house. Sometimes he follows me about - I've not actually seen him - our grandson who is five, has - and seems ok with that. The spirit has taken to leaving toys in the hallway by the kitchen. Just me and Don here and all of a sudden there is a toy in the hallway - both of us have discovered the toys - long after our grandsons have put things away and gone home.